We are offering any buyer a truly unique opportunity.

Founded in, and doing business since 2001, we are the Plus Size Websites Group. Our websites & domains include:-

[ - SOLD !],,,,,,,,, &
We also have the rights to the .uk versions of all our .co.uks

We are planning to exit from running our Plus Size websites. Changes in Search & Social Media, Data Protection and in our personal circumstances, have left us well 'Behind the Curve' with regard to both the necessary time, and programming skill set needed, to fully exploit our unique domains package.

We know that many Companies reading this have established brands. But we also know that you are paying search engines like Google & Bing, and social media channels like Facebook, a large percentage of your advertising budget to try to rate highly under 'generic' search terms, the strongest of which are covered by our domains.

We know that companies serving plus size currently employ and reward a number of 'ordinary' Bloggers, 'Influencers' and Celebrity Bloggers as part of their ongoing advertising efforts.

What we are now offering a buyer is a chance to completely dominate Social Media and generic Search for now - and for the future.

Companies: - the potential from having every Influencer / blogger of yours individually blog from a top generic, searched for phrase, domain is truly massive. Every blogger could each have a single, best quality, uniquely focused generic domain, with associated Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn, Instagram and Twitter feed, all driving sales only for your company.
You could also have online lifestyle and fashion magazines around the, .eu and .ie domains.

Advertising Networks: - You could demonstrate your ability to Plus Size companies, and clients from any other industry, by running our sites as "demos" whilst bringing in affiliate revenue for yourselves.

Bloggers & Influencers: - Blog from an easy to remember, 'high status', credible, domain instead of an obscure Facebook page or similar. ( people will always remember what you are blogging about before they will remember your name )

We truly believe this opportunity to be unique, so please contact us and we can open a communications channel.

Yours, Diane and Brian Marshall.

You can email us on :- plussizeuk @ gmail .com [do not leave spaces in this address, but we write it this way to help avoid spam robots]

or phone us on 00353 866037290 from Northern Ireland / UK / Europe

or 0866037290 from the Republic of Ireland

Or mail us :-
County Donegal,
F93 HK79,

or our UK office:-
174 Abbeydale
BT47 6FY

Profile of The Plus Size Websites Group's owners


Our websites & domains: -,,,,,,,,,,

We also have & for children's clothing.

Brian Marshall ATCL (Communications & Public Speaking) ( manager )
Happily married, to Diane. 2 children, Kathryn and Susanne.
As well as running websites I was a drystock farmer before injury forced my retirement from that. I am currently an equities investor.
C.V.:- Former Chairman East Donegal Co-operative Agricultural Society. - Member of Irish Farmers Association
Member Irish Cattle & Sheep Farmers Association - Member Irish MENSA - Former member Macra, where I held several committee posts, travelled as an ambassador, and won Regional communication competitions.

How did I get into this ? - In 2000, seeing the rapidly deteriorating financial situation in Irish beef and sheep farming, I started to register domains with an initial aim of selling them on. Having sold few, with support from Diane, I bought some software in 2001, read the manual and started to develop websites for myself. I now manage 40 of our own domains, having sold the website to Zatori in 2014.

Diane Marshall MSc,BA (Hons),PGCE (F&HEd),PGCCE, IAM (Dip)

C.V.:- Teacher trainer working for Pearson International. Former Northern Ireland based 3rd Level College Lecturer, specialising in Business. Former Plus Size Model & Plus Size Fashion Blogger.