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Mobility Products for plus size & large people

Mobility products at a fair price
Fairprice, for the larger person, have scooters which carry up to 35 stone, like the Shoprider Cordoba, from around £2000

The largest Mobility scooters they offer have weight capacities of 32-38 stones, and these are the Electric Mobility Rascal 889, Shoprider Cordoba and the Medicare M48GT. Used scooters for sale as well.
Scootamart also offer mobility aids and furniture suited to outsize. See them in our furniture section too.

Chums have heavy duty mobility aids and walkers, wheelchairs for up to 20 st weight, and heavy duty bath and shower stools for the disabled and elderly. They do delivery internationally however you can't order online. For this service please contact the order line on 0044 151 548 8088 or email to check if the items are available and the delivery costs, and please mention if you do.

Shared Care Huggy
Shared Care is an extensive website portal with resources and advice for, and forums contributed by a community of viewers who use complementary therapies. This is their page on searching out a scooter or car for people with mobility problems

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