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Having earlier said below about forgetting about diets, Brian from has now been told by his doctor that he needs to lose weight. You can follow his Diet and Weight Loss Blog HERE. See if he succeeds or fails.

My exact quote : - "Our general view on diets: - GET FIT, Stay fit by regular exercise, Eat plenty of fruit and veg - and forget about diets altogether."

Both of us at have had food related health problems. We had what we now know were allergic symptoms. Diane was suffering from frequent bloatedness, severe fluid retention leading to increased weight, some swelling, tiredness, ( black rings under eyes ) eczema type skin flare-ups, joint pains and occasional stomach cramps, bowel spasms and diahorrea.
In my case I had severe problems with phlegm and mucus. Although I don't smoke, I'd wake up with a 'smoker's cough' and have to spend several minutes of coughing and spitting. I was filling 2 handkerchiefs during the day, everyday, between phlegm, spits and nasal discharge.
In Nov.2006, following advice from a friend, Diane did the "foodscan" York Test for 113 foods. It's a simple prick-your-finger to get a drop of blood test, so it's easy to do. 2 weeks after sending away the blood sample her results came back showing severe allergies to Yeast, Eggs, Blackcurrant and a mild allergy to Wheat gluten and Dairy. Cutting out these products was very hard, especially for a bread lover.

But the improvement was near instant. No more joint pain, improved sleep, increased energy and an end to all bowel trouble. The eczema cleared up when she changed to an egg and yeast-free shampoo. York give you 2 free telephone consultations with a nutritionist doctor who advises on Diet alternatives, and these proved excellent. York also now have recipe and cook books for those avoiding the most common types of allergy triggering foods, which you can buy online.

In late Jan.07 I did the York Test (following Diane's results). The results showed that I was mildly allergic to Pork, and severely allergic to Dairy products. I cut these from my diet and my symptoms have disappeared - cough, phlegm, snots - the lot. The only down-side is that you must stick with their recommendations to keep improved health.
As it has really worked for us, we both recommend the York foodscan Test to friends. Recently I saw that York Labs have also tests for Multiple Allergy, IBS, ( irritable bowel ), Homocysteine ( the most important predictor of Heart Attack risk ) and Liver Health
You can check out York for yourself from the links we have above.

Are you really overweight ? Check your Body Mass Index HERE

Although we look for [ and link with ] sites which we believe could be useful to our viewers, advice on suitability for any diet or weight loss treatment, if you need it, should be sought from a fully qualified medical professional.

Shared Care Huggy
Shared Care is an extensive website portal with resources and advice for, and forums contributed by, those who use complementary therapies. eg this is their page on complementary therapy for weight loss and this page has advice for Big and Tall, Short and Small.

BUPA's healthy weight page's healthy weight loss page

Weight Concern

RTE's Operation Transformation

Obesity Surgery Support Group is the best site on the net for information and support for anyone who has to go through this surgery. They have a forum on Yahoo Groups where those concerned can ask questions and share experiences

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