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Diane's plus size fashion blog

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Jan 30th London Fashion Week - plus size modelling opportunity

I am delighted to share with my Followers more details about my involvement at London Fashion Week. I have been cast as a Plus Size Model to walk the Catwalk in 3 Shows Choreographed and Produced by International Choreographer, and Director of Fashion TV, Reuben P Joseph. Choreography and Fittings begin next week in London. I am very excited. Diane

The shows' press release is below

Reuben P Joseph London Fashion Week - L' art de La Mode - Spirit of Africa, Asia and the Caribbean


A three day, "London Fashion Week" Extravaganza Celebrating Breath-Taking Designs from the UK, Africa, Asia and the Caribbean.

29 January 2014

World renowned: catwalk choreographer, BEFFTA award winner (Best Art Director) and London Fashion Week expert Reuben P. Joseph, brings to you this unique combination of art and fashion. This event will celebrate the exciting cultural mix, ever present, in the fashion and art world. It epitomises the statement below.

"Fashion Changes, Styles Remains." Gabrielle 'Coco' Chanel 1883 - 1971

The three day event will commence On Sunday 16th February 2014 at the Prestigious Tabernacle, 35 Powis Square, London W11 2AY AT 6:00pm. Then, on the 21st and 23rd of February the Official London Fashion Week closing production will take place at the YAA Centre, 1 Chippenham Mews, London W9 2AN at 7:00pm.

We will be showcasing: breath-taking, must see designs from the UK, Africa, Asia and the Caribbean. The show will be presented with a setting featuring: live African Drums; Poetry; Steel band and Soca Music together with live performers and special guests. Plus special awards presented to inspirational achievers in the industry.

"We have to recognise and reward ourselves before we can expect other people to do so!" said show producer, Reuben P. Joseph. "I have always recognised that main stream productions fail to prominently feature Black and Asian models and I feel that the industry needs to take huge step to redress the imbalance. Supermodel Naomi Campbell has teamed up with beauty icon Iman and former model-turned-advocate Bethann Hardison to form an advocacy group called "Diversity Coalition" which is taking an unprecedented step to highlight the lack of models of colour on the runway and I 100% back them." To this end, twenty six strikingly stunning models and eighteen top designers from the Caribbean, Africa, Asia and the UK, will take centre stage in a series of spectacular theatrical catwalk shows: L' Art De La Mode. A three day, "London Fashion Week" Extravaganza Celebrating Breath-Taking talent.

The collections will be further enriched by household art and costumes designer - Carl Gabriel who will exhibit his magnificent sculptural pieces against a gallery of magnificent paintings designed by Michael Connell.

Show organiser Reuben P. Joseph states, "There is b support from celebrities and coverage from Sunrise Radio, Black Vision TV, Fashion TV, The Voice, Evening Standard, Metro, Panache E-Magazine, Ben TV, Vox Africa and 5000 Flyers. This is an event not to be missed!"

Reuben P. Joseph in collaboration with Yaa Asantewaa Arts Presents L' art de La Mode, "Spirit of Africa, Asia and the Caribbean"


For more information:

Diane: Telephone No. +44 (0) 7958381885 or Email

Jacqui: Telephone No. +44(0) 7951308379 or Email


plus size woman exercising for health and fitness

Jan 23rd Plus Size Acceptance v Weight Loss

Is the desire to lose weight at odds with Plus Size acceptance?

A greater contribution from a more sympathetic Media could help the Nation to tackle Obesity Issues

We have a problem with obesity in this country. The average woman in Ireland is 5'4" tall and a size 16. Currently 40% of all women in Ireland are a plus size. It is also predicted that by 2050 half of the entire Irish adult population will be obese (men and women). A grim prediction if nothing positive and achievable is put in place to get the Nation fit, active and healthy. I contend that the Media can contribute to and be part of the solution, by playing a more positive role in motivating, and not lecturing to, the Public. The Media has the power to choose the content that is published. It is the Media that can choose to take a more realistic and sensible editorial approach in the use of role models to be glorified within the pages of publications. "Carrot" instead of "stick".

As a "starter" stop using emaciated and anorexic images of women AND stop applauding "skinnies" when they become even skinnier! I was somewhat bemused recently to read in a few magazines about celebrities struggling with their weight. (I am talking about healthy build celebrities within a normal BMI range). One case in point was that of Hayley Tamaddon (Actress and Celebrity Contestant on the ITV Show "Dancing on Ice"). Here is a perfectly beautiful, fit and healthy girl. The magazine in question chose to run a story about how she had put on a stone weight over Christmas and was struggling to prepare for the Show. What! How very boring. Who doesn"t put on weight over Christmas or any special festival? Obviously the journalist submitting this piece never stopped to consider that the training regime would soon shift any excess weight in double quick time (should this really have been the pressing issue for the Actress).

Actress Hayley Tamaddon, Actress and Dancing on Ice Star

Hayley Tamaddon - Actress and Celebrity Contestant on the ITV programme "Dancing on Ice"

The numbers of women (and men) who are a plus size cannot be ignored and we all must be encouraged and inspired to take appropriate and sensible steps to manage our weight. We must all be encouraged to achieve a sensible and healthy weight using a combination of diet and appropriate exercise. There must be a concerted attempt to encourage and motivate all without alienating or demonising any community (whether that includes people with eating disorders Or plus size Or just people who manage to adjust and keep within a healthy BMI weight range).

For a great many people the fact that they are overweight or have weight issues is not necessarily down to gluttony and lethargy. True poor food choices and lack of nutrition education does play a considerable role for some. However the reasons why we carry excess weight are as many and varied as the choices on the menu. For this group of people, in particular, encouragement and positivity is the way forward to help them manage their weight issues and get down to a healthy weight level.

The key words here are 'Healthy weight levels'. We have been bombarded by images of emaciated and anorexic models that have been glorified in both online and print media for far too long. Enough is enough. We want and demand to see healthy role models within online and print media (and age appropriate for the consumer market targeted). Seeing images of healthier models is more encouraging to the plus size woman as this is a more realistic target and goal to aspire too.

Until next week : - Diane xx


Weighing Scales

Jan 16th Plus Size Weight Loss - an example of an expert approach

I will NEVER offer nor promote 'lose weight fast' products from my or websites or any of my social media channels. I am completely behind the medical profession in their concerns about obesity and the health problems associated with being over-weight. If anyone is concerned about their weight and/or is experiencing health related problems as a result of being overweight they must consult their Doctor in the first instance and request to be referred to a Dietician who can devise a healthy weight loss plan. The expert approach (especially if it is medically supervised) is the only sensible and practical way to achieve your plus size weight loss.

I have been encouraged and am excited by the Irish Television Series, Operation Transformation (which is aired on RTE One on both Tuesday and Wednesday nights @ 8.30pm). This programme is not only setting out to change the lives of 6 individuals in attempting to help them lose weight for better health; it is also engaging the entire Nation and impressing upon them the need to manage weight using a combination of diet and exercise. The 6 Individuals that have been chosen are 'Leaders' of the Nation. It is envisaged that members of the General Public will find at least one 'Leader' that they can identify with and simultaneously follow their individually tailored diet and fitness programme. Helping the 'Leaders' on their way to better health are a panel of 4 experts - A Doctor, a Dietician, a Psychologist, and a Fitness Coach.

The programme is by far 'the best of type' especially when compared with a range of weight loss programmes that have appeared on Terrestial TV in the UK over the past number of years. This is not a Boot Camp where the individuals are removed from the real world and tucked away in a setting reminiscent of Prison. The participants (Leaders) still remain in their own homes and continue to live their normal lives whilst being active and engaging with the weight loss and fitness programme. Each week we see the real human side of managing a weight loss programme and how the stresses and strains of each of their everyday lives and work and family commitments impact on their individual journey. This approach is to be commended especially when you consider that the 'Leaders' need to learn how to maintain their successes in improved fitness and health after the Show has ended and for the rest of their lives.

I am a Plus Size Woman (UK Size 18, height 5'9"). I have been complacent with my own weight over the years and have allowed myself to move from a healthy Size 14 (when I got married 19 years ago) - to a Size 16 - and then onwards to a Size 18). I am no different to a great many other women in my situation and of my age. I too have a busy life and, at times, the work/life balance is easily compromised by taking the easy way out and resorting to convenience buying and cooking. "I do not have time to exercise". "It will never happen to me"! "I will do something about my weight soon - tomorrow is a new day"! I am sure all familiar sayings resonating in the minds of most people too.

I do not need any more convincing as to the inherent dangers of carrying excess weight. I have been inspired by all the Leaders on Operation Transformation and now, finally in 2014 I am going to do something positive about my weight. This will not be radical. I have no desire to be stick thin. I have set myself a target of 2/3 lbs weight loss each week. I have taken my inspiration from these wonderful people and I am motivated. I am not following any sophisticated diet plans but I have referenced some of my meal planning around the recipes provided for the Leaders. I am eating 3 square meals a day and NO 'in-betweens'. I am also back doing my daily walks. My target is to get down to a Size 16 by May 2014. I feel that this is an achievable target within a realistic time frame. Most of the Leaders have had great first weeks but now the targets are down to a manageable 4lbs per week (for most of them). Speaking from my own personal experience I know that for me to make a change it needs to be at a slower pace and much more incremental than the 6 weeks suggested by the Programme professionals.

So many diets fail due to unreasonable expectations. The Diet Industry profits from our insecurities and unrealistic expectations. My advice to you all is to stop 'buying the dream' and get back to whole food eating, cooking, and exercise and make 2014 your year of improved health and well being! If you need just that little bit extra support or need the inspiration to kick start your new healthy self then check out the Leaders profiles (with their diet and exercise plans).

Until next week, Diane xxx

plus size women's sizing chart

Jan 9th: - Plus Size or What Size of fit are we describing

The debate and chat on size continues with many within the industry wanting to change the term plus size to curvy and/or full figure. Tyra Banks (Model) has also recently commented that a better term to describe plus size would be 'Fiercely Real'. She propounds that it has more punch and attempts to describe the way that plus size women feel about themselves.

I love all these descriptors and the positive tones and moods that they attempt to create. The problem however is that the terms curvy and full-figure say nothing about size - both terms suggest shape whilst Tyra Bank's new preferred definition 'Fiercely Real' suggests attitude; albeit an attitude that I would applaud. Plus size women have every right to have beautiful and well made clothes in a range of sizes and fits to suit them all They are and deserve to be 'in the room' as well. I also agree that when we talk about size and fit of clothes for plus size women that we have a respectful and complementary way to refer to this size.

If we are talking about a fit or size of clothes it must be categorised and described in terms and a range that consumers understand, using size and fit as category boundaries. In sizing clothes we take measurements in waist and chest size, dress length, and inside leg length. For this reason we categorise size/fit as Petite (to describe a category of clothes fitting women of 5'4" and smaller), Standard Size (to describe a category of clothes in sizes 8 - 14), and Plus Size (to describe a category of clothes from sizes 16 - 26). Sizes upwards from a 28 are described as Super Size.

What size is curvy? What is the range of sizes that 'Fiercely Real' go up to? Here are 3 examples of beautiful curvy women of different sizes. The first is Gemma Collins, the second is a young tall model called Peaches (5'10") and the third is Christina, a petite model (both Peaches and Christina qualified through to the Finals of the Ms Curvaceous UK 2013 in London recently). Gemma Collins is a UK size 20, whilst Peaches and Christina are a UK size 12. All three are examples of super sexy and curvy/full figured women. Gemma Collins is a public figure so many will know that the attitude of this woman is also 'Fiercely Real'. They are however all different sizes of curvy. What they all have in common is that they are plus size (models). In other words their dimensions are above standard size in some way. However not all plus size women are necessarily Curvy.

plus size Gemma Collins

Gemma Collins UK size 20. A super curvy, sexy and plus size woman

plus size 12 model

Peaches UK size 12
A super curvy, sexy and plus size tall woman

plus size petite model

Christina Maria Chrysanthou UK size 12
plus size petite model

I therefore cannot see the problem with describing sizes above Standard Size as Plus Size. The term Plus Size is all embracing and includes all shapes of women, to include those that are Curvy/Full Figured and/or Fiercely Real. It is a nice, soft, short and inoffensive term to describe sizes in addition to or greater than standard size. The description is Neat and does not need amending nor any more time spent on rethinking or redesigning something that already describes in terms of size, is fit for purpose and is understood globally.
Until next week, Diane xx


2013 Blog Archive
June 15th 2013 - Welcome to my blog !
June 15th 2013 - Welcome to my blog !

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