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Diane's plus size fashion blog

May 22nd The Return of the Trouser Suit

Wool mix Trouser Suit from NEXT Ireland (Tailored Premium Range) €254

Watch and listen to what I have to say about the Wool Trouser Suit from NEXT

Diane Marshall plus size fashion blogger for talks about and reviews the wool trouser suit from the Tailored Premium collection at Next.  This suit is now available to buy on

NEXT wool Trouser Suit (Tailored Premium Collection) - €254

Another styling type blog posting this week and about a favourite wardrobe staple of mine - The Trouser Suit. I absolutely love this 88% wool mix mink (beige) light weight trouser suit from Next. You can buy the jacket and trousers as separates or wear this as a suit. Suit price €254.

The jacket is €158 and is available from a UK8 - UK20. The back length is 26" so is a perfect length for corporate day wear in that it sits comfortably and down from the waist and skimming the profile of the bum area. It is figure flattering for ladies who (like myself) have a thicker middle area and/or a larger belly area. I recommend wearing your jacket open and (with this suit colour) wearing a darker shirt/blouse/top to minimise the impact of your centre torso.

This is a modest and professional look for all day office wear. It's no surprise that we are now seeing a return of the trouser suit and a return to simple style dressing for corporate wear. The suit has always been the attempt at being the equaliser in the workplace. The trouser suit is not frivolous. If anything it is the sensible, modest, almost uniform standard and statement of conformity. It says..'I want to be taken seriously'.

The beauty about the styling of this suit is that the jacket will also look very smart with jeans (worn as a separate) giving you the option of having a smart casual look. The jacket is €158. The cut of this jacket complements both bootcut and straight leg jeans very well.

The trousers are sized from a UK6 - UK22 in the Regular leg length (31") and from a UK8 - UK22 in the Long Leg Length (33"). I am wearing the 18L and have found these to be a great fit. The elastane and other fibres (12%) within the wool mix composition give them just that little bit of extra give for all day comfort. There are also belt loops for wearing a smart belt. I hadn't considered a belt when I was presenting these trousers to you BUT since I have watched the video and looked at this photo I think I will buy a smart belt to wear with these trousers (for cosmetic purposes only) to hide the waistband tab.

The trousers are €96

A trouser suit says professional, considered, together. It has to be the easiest of day wear OR work wear outfits to style. You do not need to think about accessorising, complementing nor combining as you would with wearing separates. Wear the suit - change the top/blouse. Your look is complete.

The trousers and jacket are light weight so are perfect for Spring/Summer and into September. This suit will not date. It is a classic corporate day wear cut. The colour is also perfect for the season and very easy to wear with other colours due to the neutral shade. I think that a suit of this quality at around €250 is a real find, especially for a wardrobe staple that can be worn year in year out.

Until next week - xx Diane

Agricultural Show or County Fair - Practical Styling Advice

What I wore to The Balmoral Agricultural Show - Tuesday 14th May 2014

What to wear to The County Fair or Agricultural Show is discussed by Diane Marshall, plus size fashion blogger @

Diane Marshall, plus size fashion blogger, at The Balmoral Show, Tuesday 14th May 2014

We are now fast approaching the County Fair and/or Agricultural Show season. This week I wanted to talk to you about what to wear to "The Show' to ensure all day comfort. Yesterday I attended The Balmoral Show (Northern Ireland). The Balmoral Show is the largest Agriculture and Food Show in Northern Ireland (lasting 3 days) and second (in terms of occupied acreage) to The National Ploughing Championships (which are held in September at different locations within the Republic of Ireland).

When you commit to attending an all day event such as an Agricultural Show you need to be mindful that a lot of walking (and standing about) is involved and that you have to be prepared for the changes in weather throughout the day. You need to be practical and you need to plan to be as comfortable as you possibly can be.

1. Always Check the Weather forecast before heading off for the day

2. Wear comfortable shoes

Yesterday I wore the M&S Value Range Jeans from last week's post, a jumper (with tee shirt underneath as an insulating layer), a navy gillet (for added warmth), a scarf around my neck (to prevent me getting chills/draughts when standing around the Rings and main Arena), my Across Body Bag (for hands free comfort and storage of my raincoat) AND my walking shoes.

Most Showgrounds have many different types of ground coverings - all of which can have an impact on your overall foot and leg comfort. The Balmoral Showground is no different and has gravel, shale, concrete, bark (which is a sticky mess when it has been raining), grass, straw bedding, timber slats etc all to contend with. As most of these surface coverings have the potential to damage your heels I bly suggest that you wear a walking shoe, trainer or flat boot. Do NOT wear your UGGS or other boots/shoes made with suede or a suede like material as you can potentially damage them and certainly affect their appearance permanently.

In the picture at the start of the post I am seen standing on a shale type surface. Shale is a form of gravel but due to the large size of the stones has even greater potential to scrap and damage heels due to the sharp and uneven surfaces of the stones. Gravel (finer stones) will also do similar damage but the stones are not as sharp, however, the chip marks to your heels (particularly if they are dyed to be the same colour as the main body of your shoe) will be very obvious. Once your heels have been marked you have ruined the overall look of your shoes.

Diane Marshall from talks about what to wear to the County Fair or Agricultural Show

Here is an example of the bark surface covering. You can see from this photo that it had been raining previously and the ground is wet. Imagine this mess sticking to the sides of your suede boots.

To overcome these problems I chose to wear my walking shoes. Shoes such as these have a b rubber like sole and surround (with added treads on the soles for grip). They also have an excellent arch and ankle support so will minimise any discomfort potential from being on my feet all day.


When the day warmed up a little I was able to take off the scarf and tie it on to the side strap of the bag. When it got a little cooler I was able to put it back on again and also put on my fingerless gloves (which had been lurking in the pockets of my gillet). Towards the end of the day it started to rain quite heavily. Thankfully I had my raincoat packed neatly in my Across Body Bag. As it was a pac-a-mac wind proof type raincoat it was easy to pull on on top of my gillet. I had dressed for the seasons without having the burden of carrying around extra clothes and feeling uncomfortable and tired carrying unnecessary items of clothing or bags.

M&S parka fold away coat as described in the plus size fashion blog by Diane Marshall, plus size fashion blogger

M&S fold away parka windproof mac - €47

M&S parka fold away coat as described in the plus size fashion blog by Diane Marshall, plus size fashion blogger

Diane Marshall wearing the fold away parka coat from M&S - €47

Another great year. Another great Show. Left feeling fit and well to do it all over again today.

Until next week when I am going to talk about the Return of the Trouser Suit. Diane xxxx

May 7th Boot Cut Jeans from the M&S Collection

As Recommended by Diane

Hear and see what I have to say about these Jeans - CLICK HERE to see a video presentation of my Review, filmed for our sister site All links below take you to the jeans in the M&S site for Ireland, including clicking on the picture.

Diane Marshall, plus size fashion blogger and Model Reviews the M&S Value Boot Cut Jeans on

M&S Value Boot Cut Jeans - Available in Indigo Blue €20 AND Black €13.50, as at May 7th,- in sizes UK6 - UK24 - Short, Medium, and Long Leg Lengths

I wanted to talk to you this week about the exceptional quality and good value I have found in the 'Value' Boot Cut Jeans from Marks & Spencer. I bought these jeans about 2 months ago and have washed and tumbled dried them umpteen times. They still look as good today as they did when I first bought them. They come in both Indigo Blue and Black. I am seen here wearing them in Indigo Blue. I also have these jeans in Black. I paid 15 for them in Derry but I noticed today that M&S UK are having an online sale and these jeans in black are now 10 (the indigo colour is still 15). I couldn't resist doing a Review Type Blog Post this week, especially as the jeans are an exceptional find, and I expect to see them on sale in the Republic very very shortly.

They are sized from a UK6 - UK24 and come in Short, Medium, and Long Leg Lengths. I am seen here wearing the Long Leg Length. I am 5'9" tall and have a 33" inside leg. The Long Leg Length are perfect with my M&S Chelsea Boots.

You can either wear these jeans as an everyday casual look (as I am doing here) or dress them up with heels and the addition of a smart blouse and jacket. They keep their shape well and are a very comfortable and true to size fit. I hope you are lucky and get your size now that they are in sale.

Look in again next week when I will be talking about what to wear to the County Fair or Agricultural Show. Here's a big hint - ..I will be wearing these jeans to the Balmoral Show (the biggest Agricultural and Food Show in Northern Ireland).

Until next week.

Diane xxx


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2013 Blog Archive
June 15th 2013 - Welcome to my blog !
June 15th 2013 - Welcome to my blog !

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