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Diane's plus size fashion blog

Nov.27th - Aspen Down and Feather Wadded Coat from Long Tall Sally

Luxurious, warm and storm proof down and feather wadded coat £210

Down and Feather Wadded Coat from Long Tall Sally

Aspen Down & Feather Wadded Coat - £210 - Available from size XS - XL (equivalent of UK8 - UK24)

This is the Aspen Down and Feather Wadded Coat from Long Tall Sally and it is a wonderful warm, hooded coat for tall women (5'8 tall+).

I am ordinarily a size UK18.  I am also 5'9" tall and I am wearing the coat in size L (which is equivalent to size UK18 - UK20).  I find the coat true to size and certainly roomy enough to wear layers underneath.

This coat is 70% Down and 30% Feathers so is very warm yet is not a heavy weight coat.  The back length from shoulder to hemline is 38".

The day that this photo of me wearing the coat and the video of me demonstrating the features of this coat was taken it was a November Sunday afternoon and approx 12 degrees Centrigrade.  The coat was very comfortable on and suitable for the day.  The Down and Feather wadding however means that this coat will keep you warm in much much colder weather.  The coat is not a heavy weight and therefore very comfortable to wear.

A Down and Feather Wadded Coat is a quality coat unlike many other wadded coats in the market place that are filled with a synthethic lining.   I think that this coat is exceptional value at £210 given that comparable down and feather wadded coats can range in price from £250 - £600.  You certainly get what you pay for and this coat is certainly subtle and quietly whispering value for money for the quality inherent.

The coat is available in charcoal (which is a mix of what I would call a gun metal grey and black).  The colour is not as severe as a full on black so will suit most skin tones too.  I like the dark colour and the wipe down surface of the coat which makes this really easy to keep clean too.  The coat can be washed in your washing machine at a 30 degree Centrigade cycle.

This is a practical everyday coat yet is stylish for smarter wear.  I love the fact that the fur trimmed hood can be removed and also the fur trim can be removed from the hood (for days when it is just not so cold and you do not want to look like here comes winter).

The other big selling feature of this coat is the storm proof cuffs at the sleeves which will keep your arms warm and prevent them also getting wet in very windy or stormy wet weather.

To see more of the features of this coat and to hear what I have to say have a look at this video

To buy the coat click HERE

To view other coats from Long Tall Sally click HERE

Until later.  Diane XXX


Nov. 20th Tia Prita Skirt - Separates from Curvety for Smart Casual or Evening wear Part 4

Tia Prita Skirt - An edgy figure hugging black skirt

Tia Prita Skirt from Curvety

Tia Prita Skirt - €137 plus €10 delivery- Available in sizes 16, 18, 22, 24, 26 at the time of writing.

The Tia Prita Skirt is a very edgy and figure hugging design with its horizontal fold pleats and zipper sides.

This quality number is something special and therefore way beyond ordinary in design detail.  This is not just a black skirt.  This is a statement black skirt which can be worn for both smart and casual wear.

The versatility of this skirt means that it will work equally well worn with a leather biker jacket (for a rock chic look) OR with a smart blouse or top for a more sophisticated yet sexy look.

Here is a photo of the zipper sides.  Please note both sides have the same zipper detail.

Tia Prita Black Skirt from Curvety

Tia Prita Skirt showing side zipper detail. £110 - Available in sizes UK16, 18, 22, 24, 26

I am 5'9" tall and I am wearing size UK18.  The skirt is 23 1/2" in length from waistline to hemline and has an elasticated waist for comfort fit.

To hear what I have to say about this special and different black skirt and to see the features in more detail have a look at this short video

To buy the skirt click HERE

To view the full range of separates, dresses and wedding dresses from Curvety click HERE

Until next week, - Diane XXX

Nov 18th Sparkle Top - Separates from Curvety for Smart Casual and/or Evening Wear Part 3

The Tia Carina Sparkle Top - €115 ( + €10 delivery)

Tia Carina Occasion Sparkle Top

Tia Carina Evening Sparkle Top - Available in sizes UK16 - UK26

This is very much a show stopper of a top with the sparkles, dipped hem line and jumper weight making it perfect for a very very smart casual wear occasion OR for Evening wear.  The top is blue and black with sparkling beads attached over the entire garment.  Have a look at my video below to see the sparkle of the top in the afternoon sunshine.

The shoulder area of this top has a leather like waxed type fabric making this top the ideal choice to wear with black or navy blue leather.  In the picture I am wearing this top with a black leather skirt but I think the top will look better over all with straight leg or taper leg leather type trousers (or very smart dark blue jeans).

Here are some close up shots of the detailing of the top

Tia Carina Evening Top from Curvety

Back detail of the Tia Carina Sparkle Top. Note the zip at the back of the neckline and the leather like shoulder trim

Tia Carina Sparkle top from Curvety

Close Up Detail of the Tia Carina Blue Black Top

To hear what I have to say about this jumper style top and to see further details of the garment watch this short video.

To buy this Top click HERE

To view other clothing from Curvety click HERE

Until Wednesday, when I'll bring another separate from Curvety.  Diane XXX


Nov 16th - Quality Separates for Casual, Smart and/or Party Wear, from Curvety - 2 of 4

Dancing Shoes at the ready to wear with stunning black skirts suitable for Party Wear

Tia Malaya Black Skirt from Curvety

Tia Malaya Skirt (21") - Available from size UK16 - UK26 - €90 + €10 delivery

This is the Tia Malaya Black Skirt (length 21").  The Tia Barika Black Skirt (length 29" is pictured below).  Both skirts are very much Party Wear separates.  These skirts were made for dancing in.
Have a look at my video below to see the movement in both of these skirts.  You really need to see it to appreciate the flow and movement.

Tia Barika Black Skirt suitable for Party Wear from Curvety

Tia Barika Black Skirt - €94 + €10 delivery. Sold out and available in sizes UK16, UK22, UK24 ONLY at the time of writing

These skirts have an elasticated waist so are easy to layer over.  The blouse that I am wearing with the skirts (both photos) is a blouson style and sits out over the natural waistline of the skirt without adding any further bulk to the torso.

I love the kick flare folds which give these skirts the bounce and movement whilst dancing and walking.  These are elegant skirts and need to be dressed with smart blouses or tops and definitely worn with heels.

To buy the Tia Malaya Skirt (21" long) click HERE

To buy the Tia Barika Skirt (29" long) click HERE

To view the full range of Separates and other clothing from CURVETY click HERE

Until Monday when I will bring you a sensational show stopper top.

Diane xxx


Nov 15th - Quality Separates for Casual, Smart and/or Party Wear, from Curvety - 1 of 4

A wardrobe essential - straight leg black trousers. Q'Neel Aura

Q'Neel Aura Trousers from Curvety

Q'Neel Aura Trousers - £77 - Available from size UK10 - UK32

Today kicks off a week of Separates from Curvety which are all suitable for casual, smart and/or party wear.

Separates are a very cost effective way to both extend and renew your wardrobe.

The very fact that you are dealing with ‘separate’ pieces of clothing means that you can chop and change to achieve the right look for the right occasion.

Today I want to introduce you to the Q'Neel Aura Trousers from Curvety.  These are standard straight leg black trousers and are currently available up to a size UK32.  They have an adjustable and comfort fit waistband.

There are key separate essentials that are needed in every woman’s wardrobe (black trousers, a black skirt and a white blouse).

You never can wrong with a pair of black trousers because they can be formalised with a shirt and jacket for smart corporate wear, relaxed with a loose fit blouse for smart early evening wear or dressed down to complete casual with a jumper.

These trousers are a smart and comfort fit and the straight leg cut also means that they will look really well with long shirts, dipped hem blouses, jackets and coats and they can be successfully worn with heels or flat brogue style shoes.

Watch this short video to see more of the features of the trousers.

To buy the trousers click HERE

To view the full product range at Curvety click HERE

Until tomorrow when I will post about another separate from Curvety.

Diane xxx


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2013 Blog Archive
June 15th 2013 - Welcome to my blog !
June 15th 2013 - Welcome to my blog !

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